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Coachman Caravan Sales are a Coachman main dealer, authorised by Coachman Caravans in the UK

Pastiche 460 (2018)

Finance from £284.52 pcm

Pastiche 520 (2018)

Finance from £303.73 pcm

Pastiche 545 (2018)

Finance from £308.67 pcm

Pastiche 565 (2018)

Finance from £308.67 pcm

Pastiche 575 (2018)

Finance from £308.67 pcm

VIP 460 (2018)

Finance from £322.93 pcm

VIP 520 (2018)

Finance from £343.51 pcm

VIP 545 (2018)

Finance from £349.82 pcm


Rest assured that when choosing a Coachman Caravan you are buying a state of the art, next level feat of engineering excellence.

With the brand new ABC (Advanced Bonded Construction) techniques, you can rely on the weights being low but without compromising that ‘Coachman luxury feel’ . No reduction in durability or quality, but with a dramatic weight saving!

With the ABC method being employed factory wide, you can relax knowing your 2017 Coachman Caravan comes with an amazing 10 Year Water Ingress Warranty!

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